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Advancements in the science and technology of aesthetics have reached unprecedented levels, allowing us to enhance, refine, and restore individual beauty in ways previously unimaginable. Achieving your best look and feel is often attainable through non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments like Botox, Fillers, FaceTite, Accutite, and Laser Resurfacing. At Venetian Medical Spa, our skilled nurse injector and aesthetic staff, guided by Dr. Torres, bring a wealth of education and training to your aesthetic journey. Each treatment is executed with precision and accuracy, ensuring you experience optimal results with minimal downtime.

To gain a basic understanding of each procedure, click on the links below. These pages serve as overviews, and for a more in-depth exploration, consider an in-office consultation with Dr. Torres.

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In Florida, Venetian Medical Spa is the leader in advanced skincare and non-surgical enhancement. Our practice is trusted to introduce new advanced technologies as they emerge. Dr. Torres and his experienced aesthetic staff collectively have years of expertise. They are recognized as leading authorities in minimally invasive fat reduction, skin tightening, cosmetic injections, skin resurfacing treatments, and promoting overall skin health.