Arm Lift

What Is an Arm Lift?


Enter the realm of aesthetic refinement with an upper arm lift (Brachioplasty), a transformative procedure designed to redefine and contour the upper arm. This surgical intervention helps address concerns associated with loose skin and stubborn fat, a common culprit behind the notorious "bat wing" appearance under the arm.

The procedure targets removing excess skin attributed to weight loss and the natural aging process. Brachioplasty achieves a sculpted upper arm silhouette by tightening loose skin extending from the underarm region to the elbow. Clients may also consider liposuction to optimize outcomes and ensure a comprehensive approach that aligns with the patient's goals.



    Arm Lifts start at $9,000.



    You can expect to have 14 days of downtime.



    You can expect 6 weeks of lifting restrictions.



    Female or male non-smokers, aged 18-65 or older and generally in good health.

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When To Consider an Arm Lift

Explore the transformative potential of an arm lift if any of the following scenarios describe you:

  • Underarm Laxity Despite Normal Weight. Even with a normal weight, an arm lift can be a strategic option if your shape is compromised by underarm laxity.
  • Excess Skin Post-Massive Weight Loss. If substantial weight loss has left you with excess upper-arm skin and fat, akin to the appearance of "bat wings," an arm lift offers a solution. This procedure removes excess skin, restoring a more streamlined and shapely contour to your arms.
  • Persistent Underarm Skin Issues. Redundant underarm skin that persists despite exercise efforts can be addressed effectively with an arm lift. This procedure goes beyond conventional approaches, providing a comprehensive solution to underarm skin laxity.
  • Willingness to Accept a Scar for Shapelier Arms. If you are open to the trade-off of a scar in exchange for arms that exude a shapelier and more defined appearance, an arm lift aligns with your goals. The procedure is designed to achieve a balanced aesthetic while acknowledging the presence of a carefully placed scar.

The arm lift procedure goes beyond surface concerns, addressing underlying issues to sculpt arms that harmonize seamlessly with your vision of aesthetic refinement.

Recovery & Downtime

In the postoperative phase following an arm lift procedure, patients can anticipate temporary conditions such as swelling, bruising, tightness, and some discomfort, which are natural responses to the surgical process.

Compression garments are essential for minimizing swelling and promoting optimal skin contraction to support the healing process. These garments are to be worn diligently for a minimum period of 6-8 weeks, playing a pivotal role in shaping the contours of the treated area.

A crucial aspect of the recovery protocol is downtime, with a recommended period of 14 days. The time allows your body the necessary time to heal and recover. Additionally, lifting restrictions will be in place for six weeks post-surgery.

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You will need to wait to swim or take a bath for at least 6 weeks after surgery. We don’t want incisions submerged in water until they are completely healed to minimize the risk of unnecessary infections.