Dermal Fillers

What are Dermal Fillers?

(hyaluronic acid fillers)

Dermal fillers, a gel-like volumizing substance, are skillfully injected beneath the skin to address lines (wrinkles), restore lost volume, and enhance facial contours. This popular skin rejuvenation treatment, chosen annually by over a million men and women, offers a cost-effective path to a more youthful appearance without surgery or downtime. The key aspects of dermal fillers include:

  • Proven Effectiveness. Backed by clinical evidence, dermal fillers have earned the trust of our clients seeking safe and effective solutions for facial rejuvenation. Administered by a qualified injector proficient in medical aesthetics, these fillers deliver consistent and impressive results.
  • Variety of Options. We proudly offer a selection of renowned dermal fillers, including Restylane, Juvéderm, Sculptra, and Radiesse. Each filler is meticulously chosen to address specific concerns, providing a tailored approach to meet individual needs.
  • Radiesse Volumizing Filler. Acting as a supportive scaffold beneath the skin, Radiesse provides structural enhancement and stimulates the natural growth of collagen. This dual action contributes to a smoother complexion and the reduction of wrinkles.
  • Restylane and Juvéderm. Crafted from hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the human body, Restylane and Juvéderm offer a versatile solution for restoring volume and contouring facial features.
  • Sculptra Aesthetic. An indirect dermal filler, Sculptra Aesthetic harnesses the power of poly-L-lactic acid to trigger the natural production of collagen, restoring skin volume and promoting a rejuvenated appearance.

Dermal fillers are more than a treatment. They are a personalized and proven path to achieving your aesthetic goals. Trust in our expertise to subtly and skillfully bring out your natural beauty.



    Depending on the area, fillers can range from $677 - $810 per syringe.



    There is no downtime or long recovery process. Swelling and bruising are common.



    No high-intensity activities for 24 hours.



    Female or male, aged 21-65 or older and generally in good health.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

Uncover the age-defying potential of dermal fillers as a strategic solution to combat wrinkles and rejuvenate aging skin. The natural aging process leads to a decline in your body's collagen production, a vital structural component crucial for maintaining the skin's plump, youthful, and smooth appearance. Dermal fillers are a compelling option for those seeking to address wrinkles and various aesthetic concerns. You might consider dermal fillers if:

  • Deep Lines or Wrinkles. If you find yourself contending with deep lines or wrinkles around the eyes, brow, or mouth. Dermal fillers offer a targeted and effective approach to diminish these visible signs of aging.
  • Contour Enhancement. Desire a subtle shift in the contours of your jaw, nose, or lips? Dermal fillers provide a versatile solution to refine and enhance these facial features, contributing to a harmonious and balanced appearance.
  • Volume Boost. Whether you're aiming to restore volume in your lips or cheeks, dermal fillers offer a non-surgical avenue to achieve a more lifted and youthful facial profile.
  • Minimally Invasive Option. Opt for the convenience of a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that yields remarkable results without the need for extensive downtime or recovery.
  • Subtle, Non-Permanent Results. Embrace the idea of subtle enhancements that are not permanent. Dermal fillers provide a flexible solution, allowing you to tailor your results based on your evolving aesthetic preferences.
  • Prefer Non-Surgical Alternatives. If you're not yet ready to explore surgical options such as Facetite, facelift, or fat transfer, dermal fillers offer a prudent and effective alternative for achieving noticeable improvements.

Embark on a rejuvenating journey with dermal fillers, where each injection is a personalized step towards unveiling your timeless beauty.

How Can Dermal Filler Injections Enhance My Appearance?

Dermal fillers, often colloquially referred to as "wrinkle fillers," are versatile in their transformative capabilities, extending beyond wrinkle-smoothing to address many common appearance concerns. Dermal fillers can unlock the potential for a more youthful and revitalized look in several key areas:

  • Wrinkles Around Nose and Mouth. Effectively smooth out marionette, smile, and parentheses lines, restoring a smoother and more refined facial contour.
  • Signs of Aging. Diminish visible signs of aging, offering a rejuvenated appearance reflecting natural beauty.
  • Sunken Cheeks. Restore volume to sunken cheeks, enhancing facial fullness and contributing to a lifted and youthful aesthetic.
  • Defined Jawline. Sculpt a more defined jawline, accentuating the contours of the face for a refined and harmonious profile.
  • Vertical Lip Lines. Minimize the appearance of vertical lip lines, addressing one of the common indicators of aging around the mouth.
  • Lip Enhancement. Add volume to and enhance the lips, creating plumpness and definition that complements your overall facial features.
  • Chin Crease. Smooth out a chin crease, achieving a seamlessly contoured chin area that enhances facial symmetry.
  • Nose Contouring. Contour the nose, subtly reshaping and refining its appearance to achieve a balanced and proportionate look.

Following your dermal filler injection, immediate results are typically noticeable. The popularity of dermal fillers is attributed, in part, to their minimal recovery time. While some patients may experience mild bruising and swelling around treated areas, these effects are temporary and tend to subside over the days following the treatment.

How Long Do Dermal Filler Results Last?

The longevity of dermal filler results is influenced by factors such as the specific product used, the treated skin area, and individual patient characteristics. Generally, the duration varies. Denser products injected more deeply tend to last longer, although this isn't a strict rule. Regular maintenance appointments are essential to upholding results, allowing the cosmetic surgeon to adjust techniques and amounts for optimal outcomes. Discuss laser treatments for even skin tone and neuromodulators for upper-face wrinkles to enhance results with our staff.

Formula Options

  • Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. Typically, the most temporary lasts 6 to 18 months, depending on the product and treatment area. Examples like Restylane Lyft or VOLUMA may last longer, especially in specific regions like the cheeks.
  • Synthetic Dermal Fillers (e.g., calcium hydroxyapatite, poly-L-lactic acid). These tend to be longer-lasting as the body does not absorb them. Results can persist for several years, making them suitable for committed patients.

Understanding the nuances of the various dermal filler options empowers our clients to make informed decisions tailored to their aesthetic goals and commitment levels.

Venetian Medical Spa and Aesthetic Surgery Professionals

We recommend getting any type of dermal filler treatment done at least 2 or more weeks before any big event. This allows time for any swelling and bruising to subside and your injectable result to be natural and beautiful.