FaceTite: EmbraceRF

What Is EmbraceRF?

Also Known As a FaceTite or Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL)

FaceTite is a facial contouring and refinement procedure, representing an advanced solution that rivals surgical interventions. FaceTite is further elevated when paired with the Morpheus8 Microneedle, offering results with significantly reduced downtime, culminating in an even more impressive combination known as EmbraceRF.

This innovative procedure delivers a remarkable enhancement in face and neck skin laxity previously achievable only through traditional surgical methods such as a lower neck and facelift. The power of FaceTite lies in its utilization of minimally invasive radio-frequency energy, strategically employed to not only melt fat but also tighten the skin with precision.

Complementing this, the Morpheus8 Microneedle introduces a fractional treatment approach, effectively stimulating collagen production in the underlying layers of the skin. This dual-action process results in an amplified effect, enhancing both skin tightening and texture.

EmbraceRF, the combination of FaceTite and Morpheus8 Microneedle technologies, represents a synergy that transcends conventional expectations. This dynamic combination offers patients a non-surgical alternative capable of achieving results previously available only with invasive surgery. The transformative impact of EmbraceRF lies in its ability to provide patients with enhanced skin tightening, refined contours, and a shortened recovery period.

By harnessing the cutting-edge technologies of FaceTite and Morpheus8 Microneedle, EmbraceRF pioneers a new era in facial aesthetics, offering individuals the opportunity to achieve profound improvements in appearance with minimal disruption to their daily lives.






    Expect around 1-2 and up to 7 days of downtime.



    Take it easy for a few days and wear a compression garment.



    Female or male non-smokers, aged 18-65 or older and generally in good health.

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When To Consider FaceTite or EmbraceRF

In the natural course of aging, the loss of skin elasticity and facial tissue volume often manifests as the development of "jowls" on the lower face, deep wrinkles, and sagging skin on the neck. While this is a natural aspect of the aging process, individuals troubled by these visible signs may discover that conventional non-surgical options, such as fillers, fall short of meeting their aesthetic goals. For those not ready for a surgical facelift but seeking more impactful results than fillers can provide, FaceTite or the EmbraceRF procedure emerge as compelling alternatives.

You may be a candidate for the FaceTite or EmbraceRF procedure if any of the following apply to you:

  • Self-Consciousness About Facial and Neck Appearance. If sagging skin on your face and neck induces self-consciousness, these procedures offer a credible avenue for rejuvenation.
  • Discrepancy Between Appearance and Feelings. When your reflection suggests an age that doesn't align with your internal vitality, non-surgical options like FaceTite or EmbraceRF can bridge this gap, offering a harmonious rejuvenation.
  • Impact on Career or Relationships. If an aging appearance adversely affects your professional or personal life, these advanced procedures can restore confidence and positively influence your overall image.
  • Seeking More Than Fillers. For those who recognize the limitations of fillers but are not yet prepared for a surgical facelift, FaceTite and EmbraceRF present an intermediate solution, delivering results beyond what fillers can achieve.

These non-surgical options are powerful interventions, offering a middle ground between conservative and surgical approaches. By choosing FaceTite or EmbraceRF, you can embark on a transformative journey to reclaim a more youthful and revitalized version of yourself. The procedures address the visible signs of aging and their psychological impact on self-image and confidence.

Combining FaceTite or Embrace with Other Facial Cosmetic Procedures

The synergy of the face, eyes, and neck is integral to creating an individual's facial appearance. Combining face and neck procedures to achieve comprehensive aesthetic goals is common. This strategic approach ensures the elimination of imperfections and a seamless, refined, and naturally balanced appearance. When considering procedures like FaceTite or EmbraceRF, patients often opt for accompanying treatments to address specific concerns comprehensively. Some of the commonly chosen procedures include:

  • Neck and Jowl Liposuction. By contributing to a harmonious facial contour, liposuction complements FaceTite or EmbraceRF by effectively targeting jowls, sagging cheeks, and lax neck tissues.
  • Chin Augmentation. Augmenting the chin, often done with neck procedures, adds definition and balance to the overall facial profile, enhancing the results of FaceTite or EmbraceRF.
  • Rhinoplasty. Reshaping the nose contributes to balanced facial proportions and synergizes with other procedures, creating a harmonious aesthetic outcome.
  • Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty. Eyelid surgery, whether addressing the upper or lower lids, complements FaceTite or EmbraceRF by rejuvenating the eyes and enhancing the overall facial expression.
  • Brow Lift. Elevating the brows harmonizes with face and neck procedures, offering a refreshed and youthful appearance.

EmbraceRF is a promising minimally invasive option for facial rejuvenation, offering skin tightening, improved texture, and shorter recovery times than surgery. The staff at Venetian Medical Spa can help you decide if EmbraceRF is the right option for you.

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Yes, best results are seen when you wear a compression garment as instructed. Usually, we encourage wearing your garment 24/7 for the first week and then only at night for another week.