What Is Sclerotherapy?

Treatment for Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy effectively treats spider and varicose veins on your legs or face. It is an outpatient procedure involving the injection of a specialized solution into the targeted vein, inducing clotting and redirecting blood flow to healthier veins. Over a few weeks, or in the case of varicose veins, months, the treated veins undergo absorption into your tissue and gradually fade away.

Sclerotherapy is a standard treatment for addressing spider veins, offering a minimally invasive solution. In this procedure, a liquid or foam substance is injected into spider, reticular, or small varicose veins, prompting scarring and closing of the vein. Blood then flows through healthier vessels.



    Treatments are $350.



    Refrain from high-activity sports or workouts for 2-3 days. Compression hose need to be worn for a few days for best results.



    Compression socks should be worn for 72 hours after treatment.



    Female or male, aged 18-65 or older and generally in good health.

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When To Consider Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy for spider and varicose vein treatment can be an option if you are bothered by the appearance or discomfort of veins on your legs. This advanced procedure may be right for you if:

  • The presence of spider or small varicose veins on your legs is a concern.
  • You seek a non-surgical solution to address and treat spider veins on your legs.

Sclerotherapy offers an effective and lasting remedy for those who aspire to enhance the aesthetic and comfort of their legs.

How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a sterile chemical solution into the affected vein through a fine needle. This specialized solution irritates the vein's inner lining, which induces swelling and bonding of the vein walls. The vein ultimately collapses and is reabsorbed by the body.

It's important to point out that sclerotherapy is not suitable for treating large varicose veins. If there are symptoms like leg heaviness, tiredness, or swelling, it is important to rule out any underlying valve or vascular issues. Often, an ultrasound test is conducted before proceeding with sclerotherapy.

Administered by a qualified specialist at Venetian Medical Spa, sclerotherapy is a safe and efficient outpatient procedure that delivers exceptional results. The minuscule needle used in the process ensures minimal discomfort for patients. If needed, post-procedure itching or burning sensations may be easily managed with Benadryl or other cooling measures.

You will be able to get up and move following the treatment. We encourage walking to help promote circulation and prevent blood clot formation. You should exercise caution following the procedure, avoid strenuous activities for two to three days, and do not travel long-distance for two weeks. Minor bruising and swelling are common for a few days following the procedure. Any skin color changes around treated veins are temporary and will fade over time.

For optimal healing, the post-treatment regimen involves wearing compression stockings for at least 72 hours, accelerating the recovery process.

Venetian Medical Spa and Aesthetic Surgery Professionals

It varies from individual to individual, but typically 3-5 sclerotherapy treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart are required for the best results. In milder cases, 1-2 treatments may suffice.