Breast Services

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

We perform many cosmetic breast surgeries at Venetian Medical Spa, including Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts, Reductions, and Revisions. These procedures are usually outpatient procedures with general anesthesia. Recovery usually takes just a few days for an augmentation and a few more days for a lift or reduction. Most women return to their normal activities in a week. Dr. Torres's artistic approach contours and sculps the breasts to create a more natural, youthful look.

Perhaps you perceive your breasts as too petite, overly ample, or lacking in the desired contour. By entrusting Venetial Medical Spa and Aesthetic Surgery for your cosmetic breast procedure, you can be confident that Dr. Torres will attentively address your unique requirements. He will present a range of breast enhancement options aimed at achieving outstanding results tailored to your preferences.

To better understand the various procedures available, click on the procedure below for more information. The information is a general overview. For more in-depth information, schedule an in-office consultation with Dr. Torres.

Delve into the diverse array of cosmetic breast procedure options at Venetian Medical Spa. Use our website as a resource to conduct research and navigate crucial decisions regarding your choices. When you feel prepared, please take the next step by initiating a conversation with us. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Torres to explore your options further.